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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 29, 2014 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight -- they've got sports and games galore. but you won't find s'mores here. welcome to the summer camp where preteens come for extreme weight loss. >> i'm going to miss you. >> we're along for the emotional journey. >> following two of these children as they leave home for a summer of struggling to slim down. can they make it? plus, it is the murder capital of the word. you've seen the pictures of the unaccompanied minors crossing america's southern border. this is why. tonight, in a vicious city where gangs target children, one family fighting to protect their son after his brother has already been killed. and secret wedding.
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good evening. in a country where so many of us are struggling to lose weight, we're going to take you on a fascinating and emotional journey tonight, with some of the youngest victims of america's obesity crisis. we're going off to camp with two children. this is not your average camp. the first stop is not the pool or the craft tent. it is a weigh-in. the goal here is to lose up to 35 pounds in just weeks. so, can these kids make it? here's my "nightline" co-anchor, juju chang. >> reporter: it's part of the annual rite of passage for thousands of kids. leaving home for summer camp. but for 12-year-old brian and 11-year-old audrey, it's not just a season of fun in the sun. they're hoping for a fairly radical transformation. both inside and out. >> i want to be healthy again. >> reporter: audrey and brian are joining 600 other kids at camp shane. a weight loss program in
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ferndale, new york. >> i'm super excited to go. >> reporter: on long island, brian and his mother, carol, are finishing packing up a summers' worth of belongings. the six weeks at camp will be the longest this seventh grader has ever been away from home. >> i'm nervous about missing my parents and my little sister. >> brian will face a lot of challenges when they ask him to exercise. brian is very lazy. he likes to sit in front of a computer. when it comes to exercising, he lacks in that department. >> reporter: the night before he sets off, they visit brian's favorite restaurant. >> i'll have the veal marsala. pasta. >> reporter: friends and family helping celebrate with, what else? food. in new york city, audrey and her mother, miranda, enjoy one last feast. >> i want her to get her body to a place that feels so good, that she doesn't want it to be any other way. >> reporter: for brian and audrey, they're pinning their hopes on weight loss camp.
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and on this day, it's time to say good-bye. >> getting picked up to go to camp shane. >> he's leaving me for six weeks. >> i'll send you letters. >> reporter: saying good-bye is easier said than done. >> i'm good. i'll miss you. i'm good. >> reporter: the camp's motto is way better than a fat camp. they claim these pint-sized dieters lose 30 to 35 pounds in nine weeks. audrey and brian are one in the every three children considered overweight or obese. it's a three-hour road trip to ferndale, new york. >> how are you? come on in. i'm david. >> i'm going to your waist and then your hips. >> reporter: first stop, the weigh-in. brian checks in at 225 pounds. >> when i was being measured, i felt a little embarrassed at my own size, physically. >> step on the scale whenever you are ready. >> reporter: audrey weighs 114 pounds. at age 11, she hits the 98th
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percentile in weight for her height. for years, her pediatrician suggested she slim down. >> knowing my exact weight makes me want to work harder. and it makes me happier to know that i'm going to be helping myself. >> reporter: over the next six weeks, their priority is to lose that weight. break old habits and hopefully create new, healthier ones. you could call it the four "e"s, eating, exercise, education, and emotion. getting at some of the feelings that trigger the overeating. we check in with brian after spending two weeks at the camp. what makes you sad in your life outside of this camp? >> i guess being bullied at school. >> reporter: what happens? >> people make fun of me, like left and right. i couldn't turn a corner in the hallway without being made fun of? >> reporter: so you ate to make yourself feel better? >> yeah. >> reporter: a few cabins over,
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audrey says the group therapy sessions are helping her uncover her booby traps. >> my parents got divorced. and then, they skyrocketed. i started eating adult-sized portions. at restaurants, i would finish the whole plate. >> reporter: but the camp staff says the new habits they learn at camp can only turn into a lifetime at change if there is change at home. >> we ask parents not to eat out so much. the portions are too big. and there's too many calories. >> reporter: and even on a field trip to new york city, audrey stays true to her new diet, eating healthy, despite temptations from this restaurant's menu. >> i'm not nervous at all that i won't order something healthy because i'm not craving anything unhealthy right now. >> reporter: back at camp shane, brian, veering off course. >> i heard on visiting day, you wanted to go home bad? >> definitely. >> reporter: but brian rallies. and he recommits to staying for the duration. do you feel confident you can finish it out? >> definitely. i feel pretty confident.
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>> reporter: he is sounding confident. but one week after our visit, on day 21. >> i told the camp i want to leave because i miss my mom too much and it's just getting in the way. >> reporter: brian leaves the program midway through the six-way stint. he's going home with some results. brian was able to lose 14 pounds and nine inches off his waist. >> i know it was supposed to be a weight loss camp but for some reason i didn't think it would be that much exercise. >> reporter: but it wasn't just the athletics brian disliked. he said he wasn't happy socially, either. >> i didn't have many friends at camp. >> reporter: brian's mother says she supports her son 100%. >> brian left camp shane because he was having a horrible time. >> reporter: back at camp, audrey is sticking it out and spends the next three weeks running. >> last summer, i would never have gotten up this hill. i would have been out of breath by now. >> reporter: swimming. and taking zumba classes. the pounds and the insecurity seem to be melting away.
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>> i feel beautiful. >> reporter: it's the camp's final day. and time for another emotional departure. >> six weeks ago, i was unhappy with my weight. i was really not confident. and now i'm really confident and i'm really excited. >> reporter: after six, long weeks, audrey's mom is blown away. >> i lost 12.4 pounds and i'm 102 pounds. >> great job, babe. >> there's a comfort level in her body i haven't seen before. there is nothing left of you. >> i'm happier. more confident and more open. >> reporter: i love what they did. it's so cool. enough confidence that back home audrey goes for a new bold look. >> i like red on top. and i have pink to match it. >> reporter: audrey got the makeover she was hoping for. but she's wise enough to know,
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this isn't the end. it's just the beginning. >> it does take some time. you can decide you want to make the change in five minutes that -- but it can take five weeks to achieve your goal. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang, in new york. and coming up next here on "nightline," our journey to the homicide capital of the world. one family trying to simultaneously solve the murder of their 16-year-old son and prevent the murder of his brother. ♪ ♪ it's time to bring it out in the open. it's time to drop your pants for underwareness, a cause to support the over 65 million people who may need depend underwear. show them they're not alone and show off a pair of depend. because wearing a different kind of underwear, is no big deal. join us. support the cause and get a free sample of depend
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welcome back. and tonight, we're going to take you straight into the most dangerous and violent city on earth. the murder capital of the world, in fact. you know all those women and children coming across our southern border right now, you're about to see what they're running from. and it's horrifying. dan lieberman, from our sister network, fusion, reports, tonight, from honduras. >> reporter: we just got word there is a shooting here in this neighborhood. there's several people who have been shot. there's a huge crowd of people who are looking on at the scene. we've been here just four hours. and already, we've seen six murders. this crime scene is so fresh, authorities are still looking for the killers in the crowd. one police officer has been gunned down. five gang members are dead. every hour and 15 minutes, somebody gets killed here.
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this is not iraq or afghanistan. honduras is a different kind of war. and we're in the most dangerous city in the world. san pedro sula. there's one kid being questioned by police right now. and sources tell us, he may be a gang member. >> reporter: he can't be more than 14 years old. gangs here can force kids as young as 7 years old, to join the drug trade. his mother knows too well. she lost her 16-year-old son a few months ago. he was shot to death by the gangs. we won't show the parents' faces or say their names because they're still in danger. the gangs are after their oldest son, too. >> reporter: for their son's protection, they send him into
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hiding, to a safehouse, a few hours away. tonight, they will take us to see him. do you feel like you need to get out? >> reporter: gang violence, fueled by drug trafficking, makes here the ground zero for migrants being the danger zone. forcing some parents to hand off their children to strangers to save them. this exodus is causing the latest crisis on the u.s. border. 80% of the cocaine that comes into the united states, passes through honduras first. this has become the major hub for drug trafficking. here we are. we're at another crime scene now. we got word that three people were shot. and may have been a drug shoot-out. one guy is still laying in the parking lot behind his truck
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over here. the car just riddled with bullet holes. gangs and cartels are the usual suspects. during the week we were here, 39 people were murdered in and around san pedro sula. many of them under the age of 20. military patrol is looking for gang members in one of the most violent neighborhoods. why is it dangerous for your team? >> translator: they're ready for anything. they come ready to kill. >> reporter: but there's only so much they can do. anyone they talk to would become a target. the families of murder victims rarely see justice. some 97% of murders here go unsolved. do you think there's going to be justice for jimmy?
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>> reporter: edis morales is an investigator, helping the family track down their son's killer. he says the 16-year-old was shot five times. in this case, he thinks he has a lead. >> translator: we don't know his name yet, but his area, his characteristics and where he operates. >> reporter: there's one thing the investigator can't tell his parents. their son might have been in a gang. >> translator: as a parent, imagine someone killing your son and then telling you he's in a gang. i'm not going to tell them. they're humble people and deserve respect. >> reporter: their 16-year-old son ended up here. it looks like a bus station. but it's the city morgue. and dozens of people are waiting out here for information on their loved ones. there's just bodies piled up in here from all of the violent. this woman has been waiting all night and all day to claim her husband's body. he was shot the night before for
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his cell phone, killed right in front of her. >> reporter: her father waits nearby. at first, barely able to speak. >> i'm afraid. >> reporter: you're afraid for your daughter's life? both of them are so scared. >> they don't want us to show their faces. you're thinking about leaving. where would you go? >> wherever. it doesn't matter. any country, any place where we can find peace and work. >> reporter: a few feet away, parents are desperately looking for their missing children. unsure if they are dead or alive. later that night, the family who sent their son away for his own protection, took us to see him. right now we're driving two hours outside san pedro sula
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with the family who lost their son to the violence here. we're going to meet their 17-year-old son, who is in hiding for his own safety. the 17-year-old has been at this safehouse, hiding from the same gang that murdered his younger brother. are you scared right now? >> translator: i'm scared something will happen to my sister, my mom or my dad. >> reporter: talk to me about the gangs. do they want you? >> translator: they were threatening me. telling me to join them. if not, they would get rid of me, too. that's why i'm hiding. >> reporter: he turns 18 next month and hopes the military has a spot for him. ironically it is his best shot at staying alive. >> when i'm in the military, i want to fight them better myself. >> reporter: but he still won't be able to escape the gangs.
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for this family of the 17-year-old in hiding, it's time to go. a last hug. a son's promise to try to stay safe. in san pedro sula, no one knows if they may be seeing their loved ones for the last time. >> for more on dan's extraordinary reporting on this story, head over to up next here on night "nightline" with, secret wedding. all of the details of the angelina jolie/brad pitt nuptials. so many years in the making. looking for a convenient way to fill your viagra prescription online? go to to find out about viagra home delivery. millions of men have some degree of erectile dysfunction. talk to your doctor, if viagra is right for you, you can fill your prescription at your pharmacy, or check out viagra home delivery and get started at ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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from "mr. and mrs. smith" to mr. and mrs. pitt. brad and angelina put a ring on it. how did two of the world's most beautiful and famous people keep their wedding under wraps so successfully? lama hasan reports from the scene of the wedding in france. >> you know, i think the important thing is whenever we do it the kids have a great time. >> reporter: jolie/pitt children. and hollywood rejoices. the world's most glamorous couple has finally gotten married. brad pitt and angelina jolie tied the knot this weekend. how did the two of the brightest stars keep their wedding a secret? it helps if you can do it at home. the couple settled at the chateau in france in 2008. getting married at a french castle sounds about right.
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for hollywood's king and queen. they've been together for nine years. ever since "mr. and mrs. smith" where palpable chemistry steamed up the set. they got engaged in 2012, keeping coy about what they might do and when. so it is no surprise they pulled off a surprise wedding. and check out that bling. while close friend george clooney offered congratulations, telling "people" magazine, how great is that? i'm really happy for brad and angie and their whole family. for "nightline," i'm lama hasan, in the south of france. >> we're happy for them, too. we thank you, as well, for watching "nightline" tonight. tune into "gma" first thing in the morning. as always, online 24/7, on thanks again for watching. good night. ht.
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